Markus Frosch

‘A new world of work requires new approaches. The blueprints of the past do not work anymore. We need courageous pioneers and masterminds experimenting together.’

My Mission

My Mission

Markus Frosch is the founder of Projekt 3T. His objective is to develop progressive and much-needed blueprints for our future world of work by experimenting and prototyping. This will help people and organisations to get ready for future changes, challenges, and chances. The plan is to team people who are knowledgeable, experienced, and courageous when it comes to experimenting. Together they will find practical options and solutions for workforce design. This applies to concepts and frameworks for organisations as well as for the entire labour market.

Markus Frosch is an experienced Senior Advisor for human resources and talent management strategies. He provides hands-on advice with major change initiatives focussing upon people management challenges. He is the co-founder of a leading HRM consultancy and staffed a myriad of key functions in organisations. Due to these activities and his specialisation, he got in touch with numerous decision makers, experts, scientists, and thought leaders in the past twenty years. This is the foundation of Projekt 3T – the open platform for workforce design.